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2017 NRA Annual Meeting Ceramic Mug

Relive the excitement of the 2017 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits! This commemorative mug is perfect for the home or office, and is ready to be filled with your favorite hot drink. It features an attractive, full color wrap-around design showcasing the beautiful Atlanta skyline and official NRA show logos! Dishwasher, microwave, and UV safe. Made in USA.

2017 NRA Annual Meeting Kegger Mug

Top off your NRA Annual Meeting mug collection with the 2017 Kegger Mug! This plastic 16 oz. kegger is great for your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea. Official NRA Annual Meeting logos are printed on both sides of the mug, and is also microwave safe. Color: White. Made in USA.

Full Metal Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage -- they relieve stress and promote creativity. But forget abstract designs or run-of-the-mill shapes. The Full Metal Adult Coloring book offers art based on OUR favorite thing – GUNS! This 70 page book contains dozens of action-packed, patriotic, and firearm related designs. Artists of all ages are sure to enjoy hours of fun bringing these guns to life!

2017 NRA Christmas Ornament

Our multi-layered 2017 ornament captures the Christmas spirit perfectly. Featuring Santa’s sleigh overflowing with gifts and a trusty lever-action rifle, it’s sure to be the jewel of your tree! Quantities are limited and available only while supplies last – so get yours today! Dimensions: 3½“ x 2¼”. Comes in an elegant gift box.

Freedom’s Safest Place Challenge Coin

Simply put, we are the National Rifle Association of America, and we are freedom’s safest place! Defending the Second Amendment protects all of our freedoms. Carry the coin that says you are the NRA. It’s made of antiqued brass with 3D stamping and black colorfill. Diameter: 1¾”. Imported

NRA AR-15 Bottle Opener

A bottle opener so awesome, gun grabbers want to ban it! Made from sturdy steel and precision-cut into the silhouette of a modern sporting rifle, our AR-15 Bottle Opener is every bit as functional as it is cool. Its substantial length provides extra leverage for prying open the toughest bottles. It’s sure to be a hit at every bar or campsite. Made in the USA.

NRA .50 Caliber Bottle Opener

Our .50 Caliber Bottle Opener lets you express your love for shooting while easily opening your favorite crown-capped cold beverage. The once-fired military grade .50 BMG casing features a .50 cal jacketed bullet and the precise semi-oval cut near the extracting groove serves as the bottle opener. We've added the NRA letters to the casing so you'll never forget who is defending your Second Amendment rights. Available in black or brass. 100% Made in USA.

NRA Torpedo Golden

A silky, five-year-aged Connecticut Shade wrapper encases this exceptionally smooth cigar. 100% hand-rolled, the NRA Torpedo Golden from PAYNE-MASON Cigars features hand-selected Dominican and Honduran fillers, which deliver a remarkably soft and delicate smoking experience. The smooth draw of this classic cigar will keep you coming back for more. It’s encased in glass, and boasts a custom NRA band.

NRA Torito Barber

A true work of art from the Cuban master cigar rollers at PAYNE-MASON, the NRA Torito Barber is a masterpiece that’s almost too beautiful to smoke. Elegant in its presentation, the two-toned Barber is double-wrapped, pairing an aged Connecticut Shade leaf with a mildly spiced Dominican Corojo leaf. Both wrappers are rolled simultaneously, creating a remarkable flavor combination. Once you light it, you’ll taste the aged Ecuadorian Binder and complex combination of fillers that delivers a sweet, delicate and well-balanced smoking experience, with an easy, even draw.

NRA Three-Torch Cigar Lighter

A well-chosen cigar lighter is the beginning of your flavorful journey. Lighting your cigar quickly and evenly guarantees the richest combination of tobacco flavors. That’s why we recommend this triple flame, butane torch lighter. Unlike lighter fluid, butane gas burns cleanly, so your cigar doesn’t become tainted with oily, foreign tastes, which can hide the nuances of fine tobacco, diminishing your smoking experience. This durable metal lighter is emblazoned with a distinctive NRA logo. It features a built-in punch, and it comes in a handsome gift box.

NRA Stainless Steel Cutter

To get the optimum smoking experience, a fine cigar demands a neat, precise cut. And our quality cutter delivers. Stylishly constructed of stainless steel, the NRA Cutter outperforms – and outclasses – flimsy plastic cutters. Its classic guillotine style expertly removes cigars’ caps, concentrating the smoke and allowing you to fully enjoy a flavorful smoking experience. We packaged these NRA-logoed cutters in an attractive gift box.

NRA Cigar Gift Set

The NRAstore and PAYNE-MASON Cigars have teamed up to create the perfect, exclusive gift set for cigar aficionados and Second Amendment supporters! It includes and NRA stainless steel cutter, a powerful, three-torch lighter (with a punch), a Torito Barber cigar, a Torpedo Golden cigar and a soft velvet gift bag. Each cigar is handcrafted by Cuban master cigar rollers, and each delivers a remarkable – and memorable – smoking experience. Featuring custom NRA bands, these high-end cigars come to you sealed in glass tubes , which are designed to preserve their fre

NRA 30mm A-10 Shot Glass

With its massive Gatling-style cannon, the A-10 Thunderbolt has become one of the most famous aircrafts in U.S. Military history. Now, you can own a piece of that history with the NRA 30mm A-10 Shot Glass! Each 2 fl. oz. shot is crafted from a genuine 30mm shell casing fired from an A-10 – with the wear and tear to prove it! It’s the perfect addition to your collection!

NRA Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Some things never go out of style. Hip flasks have been a standard gentleman’s accoutrement from the mid-18th century until today. We’ve updated ours with a stylish matte black finish and NRA laser etched logo. Made of stainless steel, it’s perfectly sized and shaped for your pants pocket. 6 oz. capacity. Imported.

NRA Limited Edition 2017 Christmas Mug

A mug you’ll cherish for a lifetime! Each 2017 Limited Edition Christmas Mug is hand thrown on a pottery wheel. Then, it’s meticulously shaped, fired and glazed in rich, earthy tones of deep red. Finally, skilled artisans add a custom-designed NRA badge that captures the spirit of the Christmas season. Our mug’s wide mouth and generous, 16 oz. capacity will enhance your enjoyment of holiday coffee, hot chocolate or eggnog! “NRA Limited Edition” is stamped on the underside. When these collectible mugs are gone, they’re gone – so be sure to get yours early! Made in USA.

Four Documents Of Freedom

To an NRA patriot, no documents are more revered than the U.S. Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment. We’ve collected these four prints --- exact replicas of the originals, reproduced on aged-looking paper with a parchment-like appearance --- for you to frame and admire daily. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights all measure 23” x 29”. The Second Amendment, an NRA exclusive, measures 8 ½” x 11” and features a watermarked NRA seal behind its powerful text. All four documents come rolled in a clear poly tube and are boxed together. Made in USA.

NRA .50 Caliber Pen

What’s mightier than the sword? A .50 caliber round! Handcrafted from authentic, once-fired brass, our .50 cal. pen delivers a powerful message! Its weight is perfectly balanced for a comfortable writing experience. This twist-action pen utilizes popular Bic Stik refills, ensuring you’ll enjoy years of high caliber penmanship!

Tactical Christmas Stocking

Nothing screams “I love guns!” like our Tactical Christmas Stocking! It’s built tough, so you can stuff it to the brim. And, it features a reinforced carry handle, a morale patch field, two snap hooks, MOLLE webbing, D-rings, and removable pouches!

NRA Bolt-Action Ballpoint Pen

A pen is a utilitarian tool that most people use daily. In fact, it’s hard to get very excited about most pens. But we’ve found one that’s irresistibly fun and perfect for any shooter. Our Bolt-Action Ballpoint features a one-of-a-kind mechanism. It’s a bolt action lever that smoothly advances and retracts, securely locking the pen in writing or storage position. An etched NRA logo complements a distinctive bolt-action rifle clip and a .30 caliber replica cartridge. Choose either Gunmetal or Brass (brass version features a rosewood-accented barrel). Accepts standard Parker refills. Imported.

NRA Larger-Than-Life Canvas Prints

Now you can view your favorite pistols in a larger-than-life format that offers stunning, high definition detail! The perfect addition to any office, range or workshop, our Larger-than-Life Canvas Prints feature three of America's most popular handguns -- the Springfield XDm, the M1911, and the Beretta 92 FS, along with the famous NRA shield logo. These prints also list individual firearm specifications. Each 16" x 16" print includes everything you'll need to create an attractive, museum-quality, frameless canvas, in less than 5 minutes. The easy-to-construct frame system lets you be the framer, stretching and securing a photographic canvas that, once hung, comes to life in three-dimensional splendor! Measurements: 16" x 16" x 1½". Framing and hanging hardware included. Made in USA.

NRA Symbol Of Freedom Mailbox Post Toppers

For the NRA and its members, the Second Amendment means freedom. Our Mailbox Post Toppers give you a new, attention-getting way to display your love of liberty and firearms. Choose from two of the most iconic handguns in history – the Colt Model 1911 or the famed 1873 Single Action Army. Constructed of heavy-duty welded steel with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish, these toppers are built to last for years. Two mounting options allow you to position your topper’s barrel horizontal or vertical (Single Action Army requires optional mounting hardware for vertical positioning). The included NRA logo plates proudly displays your NRA affiliation from either side of the street. Dimensions/Weight: 1911 – 32”L x 4½”W x 20½”H, 14½ lbs.; Single Action Army – 31”Lx 4½”W x 15”H, 11 lbs. Imported.

NRA Eagle And Bullet Bolo Tie

We’ve teamed up with famed Western manufacturer Montana Silversmiths to bring NRA’s vision for the classic bolo tie to life. The NRA Eagle and Bullet Bolo breaks the mold of traditional oval or round bolo shapes – ours is intricately silhouetted, cast in solid brass and electroplated with sterling silver. Finally, it’s antiqued by hand, imparting a deep luster to the cherished NRA eagle. Montana Silversmiths’ patented Montana Armor® gives the bolo superior protection against tarnishing. We’ve also added custom cord tips modeled after the popular .22 Hornet cartridge to make this a true rifleman’s bolo tie. A premium, pressure-lock rear clasp minimizes abrasion of the black braided leather cord. This the bolo tie you’ll reach for time and time again – destined to become the favorite of your collection. Slide size: 1¾” wide x 1½” tall. Cord length: 36”. Made in USA.