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Paracord Bracelet - Patriotic 550 lb Parachute Cord Bracelet

Could there be anything more patriotic than this bracelet? The answer is “NO.” Made with 10 feet (70 feet when inner strands are used) of incredibly strong 550 lb. paracord, the Patriotic Paracord Bracelet provides you with on demand access to an incredibly durable and powerful survival tool. The snap closure serves a double purpose as it also features a loud survival whistle.

ParaTinder Survival Tool

Meet ParaTinder - the older, way cooler older brother of your normal 550 paracord. Not only does this game-changing survivalist gear contain all the countless paracord uses you're familiar with, but it also contains a fire tinder cord, making it one of the best survival supplies to have on you after SHTF! This is one of the most crucial pieces of survival gear you can have! Be sure to always have this 550 paracord with you at all times in your bug out bag and survival kit for 24/7 emergency preparedness (it also makes a great addition to your camping supplies!). This is a brand new survival product that we've added to our online survival store - which means every prepper out there is going to want to get their hands on it! Be sure to grab a few pieces of this awesome survivalist gear before they're gone!

Blademedic 4-in-1 Knife Sharpener by Lansky

The Blademedic is the perfect knife sharpener for any survivalist who wants to guarantee that their blades always have a razor-sharp edge. This convenient tool incorporates diamond, ceramic, and whetstone material into one ultra-portable sharpening kit that is ideal for travel and outdoor use. Sharpens even the dullest of blades until they're as good as new in less than 10 minutes! Use the diamond tapered rod for fast reconditioning and maintenance on machetes, axes, and even gut hooks. The tungsten carbide sharpener is great for quick repairs and the ceramic sharpening rods will give your knife a polished edge with only a few strokes. Finally, you can use the serrated knife sharpener to repair even the tiniest serrations.

Trucker's Friend (Zombinator) - All Purpose Survival Tool by Innovation Factory

8 Tools In 1: All-in-one hammer Pry bar with 'V' slot and lever Wire twist Nail puller Hose spanner Fully resharpenable 4.5" curved axe head Grapple hook Tire chain hook Protective blade guard Big rig drivers needed this incredible survival tool for the variety of tasks they deal with in their jobs. Now it's available to you as a super-useful piece of survival gear. The Trucker's Friend is a perfect addition to camping gear or an extreme bug out bag and you will absolutely love using it. Built into this survival tool are an axe, a hammer, a crowbar, and more. This is literally one of the most useful pieces of survival gear you could possibly own, it's perfectly balanced, extremely effective, and was actually made with one more hidden take down zombies in one fell stroke.

Nexis Gas Shut Off Wrench

Any idea what might be one of the most dangerous threats to you and your family in the event of a crisis? You might think it’s the government, or terrorists…and those are definitely things to be concerned with. But the reality is this. Should you be the victim of a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack, the gas lines coming into your home poses a huge threat to both you and your family. That’s because leaking gas can easily be set ablaze when the normal operating conditions of your gas lines are disrupted. A ruptured or broken gas line needs to be shut off right away, and the only way to do that is by having the appropriate tool on hand. Nexis’s Gas Shut Off Wrench is something you absolutely must have inside of your home, no questions asked. It comes with a plastic zip tie so you can secure it right to the gas valve so if you ever need to shut it off, it’s right there for your convenience. It’s also covered in a reflective strip so you can see it even if the lights are off. It’s zinc plated so it won’t rust, and it works on ½ inch and ¾ inch gas valves. Just place the tool on the valve, give it a quarter turn, and you’re good to go. Get the Gas Shut Off Wrench now, before it’s too late.

Signal Mirror

The Signal Mirror is incredibly useful in both camping and survival situations. Using the signal mirror you can redirect sunlight towards emergency workers/pilots/other hikers and let them know exactly where you are. Because they're lightweight and don't rely on electricity they're absolutely wonderful for crisis and emergencies. The Signal Mirror is also a great addition to a camping toiletry kit. Use the signal mirror for shaving and various other bathroom needs. Bottom line, get this emergency signal mirror, it could easily help save your life.

14-In-1 Multi-Function Tool

Nexis has designed what can be considered one of the most affordable, and most functional multitools on the market. Their 14-In-1 Multi Function Tool is brilliantly designed for anyone who’s putting together a survival kit, needs something for the car or home, or who is interested in having a quality tool always on hand. Here's what makes it perfect for a survival kit. Extremely Durable: This tool is made of forged steel that has been heat-treated and press riveted so it can stand up to some hard years of use. Lightweight and Compact: The dimensions of this multitool are 5 - 11/16" by 1 - 9/16" by 5/8". It’s not too big and it’s not too small, in fact, it’s just right. Versatile: With 14 functions this knife will be good for both everyday use as well as survival use Super strong utility jaw pliers for extra-strength grip Pliers (needle nose) for hard to reach places 3/4 inch knife blade for smaller cutting jobs Can opener to gain access to nutritious food 2.25 inch file to bring down rough edges Wire cutter for defeating stubborn metal Wire stripper to expose needed wire 2.5 inch knife blade for gutting fish, or cutting line Bottle opener for beer…or soda 5/32 screwdriver (flat head) 2 inch serrated blade for sawing smaller items .24 screwdriver (flat head) #0 Phillips screwdriver It also comes with a vinyl sheath for easy carry. A multitool is one of those items that are super-important to have on hand. With that many tools in the palm of your hand, it’s unlikely you’ll ever run into a situation where you’re unprepared. Get it now before prices go up.

M48 Kommando Tactical Shovel by United Cutlery

A survival kit without a survival shovel isn't a great survival kit at all. The good news is when you add this useful multipurpose tactical shovel by United Cutlery to your bug out bag you've got one of the best survival gear tools you could ever have. Whether you use it for self-defense or wilderness survival you'll find this super sharp and lightweight survival/tactical shovel is much more than another piece of outdoor survival's a potential life saver. The M48 Tactical is made of advanced metals and materials. This makes carrying it, using it, and cleaning it as easy as pie. Since it's a one piece construction it won't rattle when being used and will stand up to anything you subject it to.

Heavy Duty Plastic Bung Wrench

Used to cap and uncap 15, 30 and 55 gallon long term water storage barrels. High-impact plastic construction. Allows for secure tightening of water supply to minimize tampering.

Disaster Survival Essentials Kit with Neck Knife

Disaster Survival Essentials Kit Includes: 1 – 9-in-1 Survival Shovel Tool 1 - Stainless Steel 11-in-1 survival tool w/sheath 1 – Paracord Grenade Survival Kit 1 – Magnesium Fire Starter 1 – Neck Knife and Sheath 1 – WetFire Tender (5) pack The Best Survival Tools to Have During an Emergency This is the perfect kit for hiking, trekking, camping and disaster situations. Get all the essential disaster preparedness gear you need in one convenient and durable kit. This comprehensive survival kit includes our 9-in-1 Survival Shovel, a dependable fire starter, 9 feet of 550lb. paracord with survival tools wrapped inside, WetFire tender, a wallet-sized multi-purpose tool, and a survival neck knife.

Kaito KA500 Voyager Solar Radio

For anyone interested in adding an AM / FM radio to your prepper list the Kaito KA500 portable radio is a one-of-a-kind piece of survival gear. This lightweight and tiny radio isn't your normal AM / FM radio. Nope, it was made for emergencies. In addition to being a portable AM / FM radio the KA500 shortwave radio also accesses emergency frequencies. All 7 of the NOAA weather bands for instance. In addition to being an emergency weather radio (and great shortwave radio) the KA500 Voyager is also a solar radio and wind up radio. That's right, it charges via solar, dynamo crank, USB, and more, making it extremely versatile for survival situations. This is why so many survival gear specialists love it. People consider the Kaito KA500 Voyager Solar Radio to be among the best portable radio solutions for survival in the world. Not only does this small radio feature a long-lasting battery, far reaching AM / FM radio power, and multiple charging options, it also doubles as a bright flashlight for nighttime use.

Pocket Light Collapsible Solar Lantern & USB Charger by Survival Frog

With the help of this mini camping lantern, you'll be able to charge your phone/tablet, brighten up your campsite, AND signal for help from rescue teams - all with one survival tool. This outdoor lantern is one of the best pieces of camping supplies you can own; with its variety of settings, bright luminous light, SOS emergency signal, charging capabilities, and smart protective chip, this multi-function lantern will be your new favorite survival tool. Plus it's so compact and easy to carry, we've nicknamed it the "Pocket Lantern." Keep this rechargeable camping lantern with you in your camping gear and bug out bag to prepare for your next adventure!

Kaito KA600L Voyager Pro Radio

The Kaito Voyager KA600 is an incredibly versatile survival tool which will provide you with relief in a variety of situations. Utilizing a broad spectrum radio tuner you'll have dependable access to the NOAA's 7 main weather channels so you always know what's coming your way. Plus, it provides self generating/onboard power for the radio as well as the built-in LED flashlight and to charge portable USB charged electronics. The Voyager Pro also has a backlit digital LED face which makes it ideal for camping, general outdoor use as well as for staying informed during crisis and emergency situations.

Kaito KA350 Voyager Trek Solar/Crank AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Radio Flashlight

The Kaito KA350 is an amazing mashup of world-class technology and crucial survival tools. Blending a solar powered and dynamo charged lantern with an emergency alert radio, this lantern can light your way while also keeping you informed in any circumstance. It's lightweight, compact and durable which makes it a perfect companion for a camping pack or a survival kit. The lantern is powered by 5 brilliantly bright LEDs which provide intense light in the darkest of nights. The AM/FM and NOAA radio is useful if you want to stay abreast of events in your area and the various charging options make it so you never have to worry about running out of battery power for it (or other USB powered devices).

EnerPlex Kickr 2 Portable Solar Charger with EnerPlex Jumpr Fit 3 Power Bank

Smaller and more affordable than its big brother (the EnerPlex Kickr 4), this lightweight, portable solar panel generates tons of power for charging USB devices. This nearly weightless solar charger uses the sun's solar energy to effortlessly charge cell phones, cameras, mp3 players and more in just a few hours. To make battery backup even easier for you, we’ve combined this portable solar panel with a tiny handheld portable power bank: the Jumpr Fit 3. This combo is one of the best portable charger solutions around. The power bank is charged directly by the EnerPlex Kickr 2 and stores loads of power, so you can charge devices even when the sun’s not shining. Combined, these two battery backup devices are an unbeatable addition to your bug out bag and/or camping gear.

EnerPlex Jumpr Fit 3 Portable Power Bank

This is by far the best portable charger for preppers on the go. Not only can you charge two different USB devices at the same time with its high-capacity battery, but this portable battery's so compact that it'll never take up too much space in your bug out bag/camping gear. Plus, these stackable power banks simply sit on top of each other to recharge! And, with multiple, you can string the rechargeable power banks together to charge up a large, power-hungry USB device. These battery backups are a godsend in a SHTF situation, and will save you tons of stress by letting you recharge on the go!

EnerPlex Generatr 1200 with 2 Commandr 40 Solar Grids

This is one survival package you'll want to bring with you for bugging out, camping, off-the-grid living, or tailgating. The EnerPlex Generatr 1200 is probably the best portable charger out there, powering almost any type of electronic device on the planet. The Commandr 40 Solar Grids provide solar powered USB chargers for any event, and combine with the EnerPlex Generatr to create the ultimate on-the-go battery backup system.

BioLite SolarPanel 5 & PowerLight Survival Combo

This incredibly cool and BRAND NEW survival combo provides you the innovative technology of a portable solar panel with the versatility of a 3-in-1 camping lantern, power bank, and camping torch. The solar panel's integrated sun dial keeps your USBs charging at full speed, and its kickstand allows you to prop it up on uneven terrain to face the sun at the perfect angle (ideal for off-grid living!). Meanwhile, the PowerLight acts as a super fast USB charger, and can provide you radiant light (with adjustable settings) for your campsite or off-grid survival needs. When it comes to illumination and innovation, there's no survival combo better than the BioLite SolarPanel and PowerLight. Prepare for disaster now by grabbing this pair for yourself before SHTF!

BaroCook Self-Heating Stainless Steel Tumbler

BaroCook Self-Heating Stainless Steel Tumbler

BaroCook Flameless Survival Cooking Bowl

1 - Plastic cooking container 1 - Leakproof plastic lid 1 - Insulating sleeve 1 - Stainless steel bowl 1 - Flameless heat pack

BaroCook Small Replacement Heat Packs for Self-Heating Stainless Steel Tumbler (Box of 10)

10 sealed flameless heat packs (for Stainless Steel Tumbler)

BaroCook Large Replacement Heat Pouches for Cooker Bowl - Set of 10

10 individually sealed BaroCook replacement pouches (for Cooker Bowl)

Black Berkey Purification Elements 2 pack / priming button

Black Berkey Purification Elements 2 pack / priming button

BioLite BaseCamp Portable Wood Burning Stove & Grill

1 - BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Stove & Grill 1 - Set of Fire Starter 1 - Fuel Rack 1 - Ash Tray 1 - USB FlexLight 1 - Set of Instructions

BioLite CampStove & Portable USB Charger with FREE USB FlexLight

1 - BioLite wood / biomass burning camp stove 1 - Thermoelectric generator with convective fan 1 - FREE USB FlexLight Included (a $14.95 Value)