Gourmet Salts

FLOR DE SAL (5 oz)

Portuguese Sea Salt Cork Top Jar (5 oz) - Harvested by hand from the salt ponds of sunny Portugal, Flor de Sal is a fine, fluffy, high moisture sea salt with crisp crystals and a mild, savory flavor. The young sea salt crystals are gently skimmed from the surface of the water, resulting in a luxurious artisanal salt that works as a finishing salt and in dishes that need a little something extra. Toss a pinch into salads, rub it on your favorite roasted chicken, or stir it into some salted caramel sauce to drizzle over desserts. Use it to balance the sweetness of dulce de leche or flan, sprinkle it on snack mixes or roasted nuts, or simply top fresh butter and toasted bread. Similar to Fleur de Sel in flavor and texture, Flor de Sal is a great addition to the international food lover’s kitchen.

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