Gourmet Salts


Mexican Sea Salt Cork Top Jar (5 oz) - Harvested by hand from the salinas salt farms of beautiful coastal Manzanillo, Mexico, Flor Blanca Sea Salt is a delicate salt with a moist, fluffy texture. Similar to the mild Fleur de Sel crystals, Flor Blanca possesses the same versatility both in recipes and as a finishing salt. Ideal as a topping for grilled meat and seafood, sautéed vegetables, oven-roasted potatoes and chocolate chip cookies—you name it, this delightful salt will work with it. Add a few pinches of the crunchy, cream-colored Flor Blanca to roasting and grilling meat rubs; the moisture of the salt makes it a perfect way to add a golden brown crust without drying out the dish. Stir it into salsa, soups, dulce de leche or mole for a savory flavor that enhances every meal.

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