Gourmet Salts


Andes Mountain Salt Fine Grain - Boutique Glass Jar (6.5 oz) Exceptional and rare, this unique mineral salt is mined from ancient salt deposits deep with the Andes Mountains in Bolivia. The mountains preserved the broad range of trace minerals inherent in the salt, giving it unique color variances that range from pastel pink to yellow-reds and coral tones. Its gorgeous color and balanced, mild salt flavor makes this variety best suited to display in a salt shaker or grinder set atop your dining room table. Sprinkle a finishing touch on grilled meats, roasted vegetables and baked goods. Bolivian Rose is a SaltWorks® exclusive and is available in limited quantities. Fine grain: An ideal replacement for refined table salt, Fine grain Bolivian Rose works well as an ingredient salt for everyday cooking and baking. Use it for seasoning at the table or sprinkling a finishing touch just before serving.

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